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PCA: data reduction technique

AT fatty acids1: high PUFA/low SFA =high P:S ratio (favors desaturation & elongation)

significant diff between MZ and DZ in:age P<0.001Birth weight P=0.001

Comparison with published reports:1. Bolton-Smith et al, 1997 Similar proportions of SFA 14:0,16:0, 18:0 Higher MUFA: 16:1n-7, 18:1n-9 n-6: lower LA, DGLA--similar AA n-3: no detailed data

2. Craig et al, 2009 SFA: similar 12:0, 14:0, 18:0--slightly Higher 16:0. Higher total SFA MUFA: similar 16:1n-7--higher oleic. Higher total MUFA n-6: similar LA, but lower DGLA and AA n-3: similar ALA, lower EPA & DHA

EPA intake= 176mg/dy=mx+cy=2.7x+1.12DHA intake= 131mg/dy=2.47x+2.5EPA+DHA intake= 307mg/d

Comparison with supplement intake: estimated DHA intake higher in those taking supplement EPA did not differ

No sig diff between MZ & DZ in terms of EPA & DHA intake

Justification: Cod-liver oil is the most widely used omega-3 supplement (0.2-0.3g EPA+DHA) > DHA than EPA EPA levels influenced by ALA intake more than DHA

Correlation with diet

Adipose tissue No correlation wit SFA & MUFA Strong +ve relationship with TFA, PUFA, P:S ratio No association between SFA either in diet OR in AT with serum cholesterol or LDL-C

Plasma Strong association with PUFA, TFA, P:S ratio No association with SFA & MUFA

Plasma & AT sig association for total SFA, MUFA, PUFA strong association for plamitic, palmitoleic, oleic, all PUFA (except adrenic acid) No relationship: myristic, stearic

2:MUFA/AA & -ve SFAindicate higher intake of MUFA+active desaturation to AA

4: high 16:0, 20:0, 16:1n-7/low EFA low intake of EFA (LA & ALA)



Fatty acids proportions.AT

Estimation of EPA & DHA


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