Regents Geometry


In this resource I have outlined some of the most important Geometry Regents formulas and notes.
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Geometry Notes

Distance formula: 


Polygons: 3: Triangle  4: Quadrilateral 5: Pentagon6: Hexagon 7: Heptagon 8: Octagon9: nonagon 10: decagon 12: dodecagon And on- #-gon     Ex. 23gon

Chap 1 

Convex - No line along side of polygon is lying in the interior 

Concave - Not convex

Equilateral - all sides are congruent 

Equiangular - all sides in interior are congruent 

Regular - Both equilateral and equiangular 

Complementary - two angle with sum of 90* 

Supplementary- two angles with a sums of 180*

Find lengths of segments on #line or coordinate plane 

Coordinate of midpoint of a segment 

Collinear- points that line together on same line

coplanar - line in same plane 

Chapter 1

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