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Addiction - A physical and psychological dependence on a drugBronchitis - Inflammation of the bronchial tubes, causing, in addition to a cough, narrowing of the airways and shortness of breathCarbon Monoxide - A poisonous gas that combines with haemoglobin to reduce the oxygen carrying capacity of the bloodCarcinogen - A cancer causing substanceCirrhosis - A disorder of the liver caused mainly be excessive alcohol intakeDrug - A chemical substance that can change the way your body worksEmphysema - A lung disorder involving the destruction of alveoliMedicine - A drug that is used to treat or prevent disease or painNicotine - The addictive chemical in cigarettesRecreational drug - A drug taken for non-medicinal reasonsTar - A sticky chemical found in cigarettes that can cause cancerUnit - The amount of alcohol the liver can process in one hour

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