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HitcherT - unwanted ,no life, painfulW - "I let him have it" cold un emtotive painful words like "screaming" and "bouncing"I - needs to be in control, let lose of anger, sun falling just like the hitcherS- some ryhming patten in parts of poem or structure, armitage may want it to sound like a story. EnjambmentT- no emtion or cold, seemed like this isnt the first time hes killed someone very laid back

Half casteT- half a person, not living a full lifeW- words are phonetically spelt, uses a lot of RAs to make you think about his perpective I- image of half a person or lack of respect, people being singled out, lack of lifeS-short sentances and stanzas lots of enjambentT- not angry but wise, wants to put his point across and seems very strong viewed 

PLAN 1.  intoduction - say background of both poems, and what they are generally both about.2. first para- say about how both poems have a lack of quality life in them, and then say how they contrastis e.g one has no life beacuse we think he is dead (if not he can survive quite a lot) and then how about half caste man has no life because he doesnt get any respect from others3. say how both poems use enjambment well, for example how it makes both poems flow and sound like they are being spoken Also, interesting words, theat describe emoton.4. then say how half caste uses a lot of enmotion whereas hitcher does not but they both have the same sad, cold feeling.5,conclusion.........restate what you've you've said, and then pick a poem that particulalrly appeals.....REFER BACK TO QUESTION

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