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Cheap Flights To Ahmedabad- India: A Complete Guide To Enrich Your Travel Experience

Ahmedabad is the most energetic city in India. The city is designated as a UNESCO World Heritage City. Also, this city is a magnificent example of culture and customs. The city honors archaeological masterpieces with a stunning fusion of modern art, hinting at the extensions over previous centuries. It's the ideal retreat for anyone looking to get a sneak peek at ancient architecture. Mostly, the tourists book cheap flights to Ahmedabad, India during the Navratri festival to feast on the delicacies and enjoy the festivities. But this is not it. There is a lot more to explore in this beautiful city. Therefore, continue reading if you are planning a trip to Ahmedabad.   When Is The Right Time To Visit Ahmedabad It takes three or four days to fully explore Ahmedabad, a stunning city. Ahmedabad offers thousands of activities to choose from. This is because the city is home to both historical and modern wonders. There's a good chance of getting lost there for longer than three days. The best months to visit Ahmedabad, like most of India, are November through February. During this time, the weather remains pleasant.     Top Places To Explore In Ahmedabad The list of things to do in Ahmedabad and places to visit is endless. On the basis of the reviews and surveys, we have compiled a list of places you must explore in the city. This will relieve you of the burden of deciding what to see and what to skip.     Ahmedabad’s Heritage Walk- “Mandir to Masjid”   Going on a walk through a place's legacy is the greatest way to sense and absorb its rich historical past. The Heritage Walk is highly recommended, especially considering Ahmedabad's diverse history. You will feel like you've traveled back in time as you pass by the tiny lanes and the old, rustic building. It will be an unparalleled experience, with its vibrant homes, mosques, and temples mixed with the market's winding lanes. The Heritage Walk, also called "Mandir to Masjid," is coordinated by the Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation and begins at the magnificent 19th-century Swaminarayan Temple.      Sabarmati Ashram When in Gujarat, how can you skip the place where Gandhiji spent his time? Sabarmati Ashram is among those locations. His former residence, where Gandhiji launched the Satyagraha movement. Overlooking the picturesque Sabarmati riverfront, the Ashram is now a basic museum. There are two sections to the Ashram: the one where Gandhiji resided with Kasturba Gandhi, his wife, and other devotees. Charles Correa, an architect, was the brains behind the modern section. A tour of the previous section reveals the small rooms, kitchen, guest room, etc. This location is unparalleled in its simplicity and tranquility. The Ashram is surrounded by open green space, and as soon as you walk inside, you feel at ease and serene.  Tip: Visit Sabarmati Ashram in the morning or the evening to immerse yourself in a peaceful and upbeat atmosphere.’     Science City Ahmedabad features locations showcasing cutting-edge technology in addition to its rich heritage and historical sites. Science City is a prime illustration of this. The Gujarat Council of Science City was founded in 2001 and now occupies a remarkable 1,96,024 square kilometers of land that highlights the advancements in science throughout the state and nation. By its name, you might be thinking that Science City is any other boring science museum. But it is not. It is however one of the most exciting places to visit in Ahmedabad. After entering the place, you will be mesmerized by the state of artifacts and exhibits. Many people especially book cheap air tickets for Ahmedabad to explore Science City.     Bhadra Fort The Bhadra Fort is located inside Ahmedabad's walled city and was constructed by the city's founder, Sultan Ahmad Shah. In the vicinity of the Sabarmati River's eastern bank, the fort was constructed in 1411 AD. The fort, which occupies 43 acres, is named for the centuries-old Bhadra Kali temple that is located there. There are eight gates, two large gates, and fourteen minarets within the fort. On its eastern side, a historic gate known as Teen Darwaja was constructed to allow entry into the fort. Additionally, you can take in a bird's eye view of the old city from here.     Auto World- The Vintage Car Museum There is no doubt that this place will captivate you if you are a car lover. Horse carriages, antiques, vintage cars, and a plethora of other items are on display at the museum. The developer of this museum is Mr. Pranlal Bhogilal Patel. His collection of antique cars is listed in the Guinness Book of World Records. Antique automobiles from Bentley, Lagonda, Rolls Royce, Cadillac, Austin, Jaguar, Mercedes, and Auburn are part of this invaluable collection.     Ahmedabad’s Famous Akshardham Temple Situated amidst a sprawling 23-acre green lawn, this magnificent temple is known as the most beautiful Akshardham temple in India. Constructed entirely of pink sandstone (without the use of steel), this architectural marvel combines modern and traditional design elements. The seven-foot-tall gold-plated idol of Lord Swaminarayan is the temple's main draw. Ahmedabad is located 26 km from the temple. It is a must-see location because of its exquisite architecture and upbeat atmosphere, in addition to its religious significance.     Manek Chowk Manek Chowk is a must-visit if you enjoy eating a wide range of delicacies and watching the bustle of the rustic market. There are three distinct phases that the location experiences. In the morning, it's a vegetable and spice market; in the afternoon, it's a bullion market; and at night, it'll treat your taste buds to delicious street cuisine. This transition is fascinating, isn’t it? So, if you need a little getaway after seeing so many architectural marvels and historically important locations, visit this traditional Indian Market Zone, which is humming with activity, color, and delicious Gujarati food.      Hurry Up! Book Your Next Vacation Trip To Ahmedabad Therefore, this is our list of places that you can’t skip visiting in Ahmedabad. Ahmedabad- the energetic city, the city of the Father of Our Nation has a lot to serve you. You can never go wrong with Ahmedabad for your next vacation destination because it offers you a diverse range of experiences. You will adore this place if you enjoy vibrant art and architecture. Moreover, the lip-smacking Gujarati cuisine is something you are going to miss after you are back home.  So have you begun searching for cheap plane tickets online? At Travelopod, we have got you covered. We ensure to offer the best deals along with airline ticket discounts. Book now!   

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