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Category- Irish Traditional Songs Title:An raicín Álainn Composer: Unknown, Performer – Lasairfhíona Ní Chonaola Song Type: Love song about a man who falls in love with a woman, leaves(with her comb-raicín), she longs for his return. Traditional Features:  -Jig Rhythm 6/8 -In Irish -Repeated NotesNon Traditional Features:  -Accompanied by guitar and      fiddle Keywords: Macaronic Songs – songs in both irish and english, Sean-ós, Ornamentation.

Category: Folk Songs from Other Countries Title: The Jamaican Farewell Song type: Folk Song in Calypso Style, can be sung as a quodlibet with Island in the Sun Features: Repeated Notes 8/8 time signature – Calypso – 3+3+2 Syncopated Rhythm Keywords: Quodlibet- when two songs can be sung together.

Category: Songs Composed by the Great Masters Title: The trout (Die Forelle) Composer: Franz Schubert (1797-1828) Song Type: A Lied – A german art song for solo singer with piano accompaniment. The accompaniment highlights the meaning of the text and reflects the mood. Features: Sextuplets in piano = fish darting in the water Changes to minor when he catches the fish (verse 3) Triadic Melody

Category: Historical and Modern Ballads Title: The fields of Athenry Composer: Pete St John Song Type: A historical Ballad which tells the story of a man who is exiled to Australia for stealing during the famine Features: Repeated NotesDotted RhythmSyncopation on the word 'Michael'Keywords: A ballad is a song that tells a story. Historical- story happened in the past Modern – Comment on issues e.g homelessness

Category: Popular Songs including Negro Spirituals, Jazz and Blue Songs Title: Saints and Sinners Composer: Paddy Casey Song Type: Pop Song Features: Verse chorus structure Syncopated Rhythm Unusual phrase lengths in chorus Keywords: Vamping is improving a simple chorus accompaniment on a keyboard instrument

Category: Accompanied and Unaccompanied Vocal church music and carols Title: May the Road Rise to Meet You Composer: Unknown, words-traditional Irish blessing Song type: Hymn Features: Stepwise melody in the refrain Descant part in the refrain Some syncopation in the verses

Category: Songs from operas, operettas, stage musicals, etc. Title: Maybe from Annie Composer: Charles Strouse Song Type: From the musical Annie - song about Annie's parents and her hopes that one day they will take her away from the orphanage Features: Opening melody is triadicWide Range of NotesSyncopation in B sectionKeywords: Recitative – a type of singing in which the words are more important than the melody

Category: Songs involving simple descants, ostinati, rounds and canons etc. Title: Three Blind Mice Composer: Unknown – nursery rhyme Song type: Round Features: 12/8 time signature Repeated Notes Singing it as a round gives it polyphonic texture

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