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Unseen poetry - 45 minutes to complete.5 minute read-through and annotations before you start writing.Introduction: Refer back to the question - 'This is the theme of ____'How it is shown in the poem - lightly, however. Describe the MITSL's without actually going into any detail.How the theme is presented - This links to the meaning specifically, but it is good to introduce that. - 5 minutes to finish writing it.1st paragraph: meaning and themes.More general look at text, this is not a close analysis. Split the poem and outline themes which link to the main theme that was outlined in the question, through use of adjectives.Pick out a section of the oem which emphasises the meaning outlined.Use short quotations that are one line long, and analyse the quote without going into language, imagery, etc. That comes later.Use several strong points, not numerous weak ones, nor a single powerful one. A small variety is the best option.Tail sentence - Overall, meaning is found in the poem with (main points) - not too long. Overall time taken should be 8-10 minutes, but try and save some time for the next paragraph, which is the longest.2nd paragraph: language and imageryUse language techniques - Juxtaposition, alliteration, allusion, Anastrophes, Hyperbole, Oxymoron, Synecdoches.Link how the technique presents the theme in that way - the poet always has a reason for using one of the above techniques.Imagery - look at all the imagery created by the poet in your mind. Note the feelings and emotions it creates. Use metaphors, similes, personification, Aural imagery (that's imagery created from sound), OnomatopoeiaExplain why the poet chose to make this imagery, and how it links to the theme. What the point was of using the metaphor/simile/etc.Tail sentence = Summary of main points. - 10-12 minutes3rd Paragraph - Structure and toneStructure - Assonance (that's repetition), line lengths, rhyme schemes, enjambment (whether the poem flows)State why this presents the theme of ___, eg. Enjambment could be used to represent the instinctive, flowing, pure nature of love in a poem.Tone of the poem can be found in the adjectives, and you can get an idea of what the tone is based on this - usually it's angry, hopeful, happy, etc.Tail sentence = summary of main points - 8-10 minutesConclusion - sum everything up, key points included - 5 minutes.

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