An Inspector Calls (Key Quotes)


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An Inspector Calls (Key Quotes)
  1. 'Mummy' 'Daddy' - Sheila (Nouns, immature, childish at beginning)
    1. 'Millions of Eva Smiths and John Smiths' - Inspector Goole (Represent working/lower class)
      1. 'Girl of that class' - Mrs Birling (Superior, looking down)
        1. 'Not the kind of father a chap would go to' - Eric (Doesn't feel close to father, unable to talk to him)
          1. 'Hard-headed man of business' - Mr Birling (Business-minded, work obsessed)
            1. 'Mother' 'Father' - Sheila (Nouns, matured, no longer relying on parents)
              1. 'Same port your father gets' - Mr Birling (Appearances, wants to be high on social ladder)
                1. 'Port, cigar box and cigarettes' - (Wants to show off, can afford luxuries)
                  1. 'You're beginning to pretend now that nothing's really happened' - Eric (Name is clear, ignoring what's happened)
                    1. 'Unsinkable, absolutely unsinkable' - Mr Birling (Dramatic irony, metaphor for family, doesn't know everything)
                      1. 'Ask Gerald for that ring' - Mr Birling (Divorce looked down on, appearances)
                        1. 'I'd give thousands' - Mr Birling (To save himself, his name, not for anyone else)
                          1. 'And to that I say - fiddlesticks!' - Mr Birling (Thinks he knows everything, always right)
                            1. 'Knighthood' - Mr Birling (All he cares about)
                              1. 'You don't seem to have learnt anything' - Sheila (Old dog, new tricks, stuck in old ways)
                                1. 'Public scandal' - Mr Birling (Afraid of others knowing)
                                  1. 'You don't understand anything. You never did. You never even tried' - Eric (No father, son bond)
                                    1. 'We killed her' - Sheila (Accepts responsibility)
                                      1. 'As if she were an animal, a thing, not a person' - Inspector Goole (How working class are treated)
                                        1. 'Women of the town?' - Mrs Birling (Stuck in own bubble, unaware)
                                          1. 'She's here in Brumley too' - Inspector Goole (Concerns her, shouldn't be cut out, isn't child)
                                            1. 'You're squiffy' - Sheila (Childish, drunk, links to later on)
                                              1. 'You don't get drunk' - Mrs Biring (Doesn't know son, chooses to ignore)
                                                1. 'Fifty pounds' - Mr Birling (Only cares about money)
                                                  1. 'You're the one I blame' - Mr Birling (Putting blame on anyone but him)
                                                    1. 'Pay it back' - Mr Birling (Money over family)
                                                      1. 'I beg your pardon!' - Mrs Birling (Never spoken up to before)
                                                        1. 'Impression of massiveness, solidity and purposefulness' - (Threat to Birling, intimidating)
                                                          1. 'Members of one body' - Inspector Goole (Everyone is equal, care for everyone)
                                                            1. '(Cutting in massively)' - Inspector Goole (Won't let Birling take over, power over Birling)
                                                              1. 'Not married' - Mrs Birling (Context, pregnant before marriage looked down on)
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