An Inspector calls Techniques


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An Inspector calls Techniques
  1. dramatic irony
    1. makes B look foolish - so we don't trust his capitalist ideas
      1. humour
        1. audience has advantage over characters - makes them more open to the message
        2. stage direction
          1. set the audience up to think about character in a certain way before play starts
            1. make revelation later in the play carry more weight
              1. emphasises character emotions - audience understand social message
              2. the inspector
                1. device to move plot along and control the pace of events
                  1. keeps the pace = interest audience + highlights the socialist message
                2. setting and lighting
                  1. pink @ beginning - looking at life through 'rose tinted glasses'
                    1. reflects the mood is about to change
                      1. the birling's removing the glasses to a place where there actions are revealed under harsh lighting
                      2. tension
                        1. created by pace - small bits of info revealed at a time
                          1. keeps us guessing till end of play
                            1. makes us curious
                              1. showing the photo one at a time
                              2. foreshadowing
                                1. subtle hints given throughout the play about whats gonna happen next
                                  1. arouses interest in audience
                                    1. e.g we know that the comfortable atmosphere will change - eric nervous about something
                                    2. Exits and entrences
                                      1. dramatic effect and add to tensions
                                        1. highlight relevant areas
                                          1. characters escaping from something
                                          2. Euphemism
                                            1. avoid saying something unpleasant by using vaguer words
                                              1. hiding from the truth
                                                1. "women of the town" - prostitues
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