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  1. History
    1. UK Government
      1. 1989
        1. Was created as a open standard method for managing Information Technology projects
        2. Characteristics
            1. 1. Starting up a project
              1. Designing and appointing the project management team
              2. 2. Initiation
                1. Feasibility Study
                2. 3. Managing stage boundaries
                  1. Ensure all planned deliverables are completed at this stage.
                  2. 4. Controlling a stage
                    1. Monitoring and controlling all activities are carried out by the project manger at each stage of the project. This stage incorporates the day-to-day activities of the project
                    2. 5. Managing Product delivery
                      1. Effective allocation of Work Packages and ensuring that the work is carried out to the required quality standards
                      2. 6. Project closure
                      3. Easy and tailored method for the management of all types of projects
                      4. Characteristics of a PRINCE 2 successful project
                        1. Delivery of the agreed outcomes
                          1. On time
                            1. Within budget
                              1. Conforming to the required quality standards
                              2. Main CONTROL FEATURES
                                1. It enforces a clear structure of authority and repsonsibility
                                  1. It ensure the production of Key products (PID, Project Budget, Plan & progress reports)
                                    1. It gives a clear understanding of the tasks to be completed
                                      1. It contains several quality controls, such as clearly defined procedures
                                        1. System of Plans
                                          1. The overall project plan
                                            1. Individual wok plans for each project team member
                                              1. Stage Plans
                                                1. Exception Plan
                                              2. PRNCE 2 Structure (PLAtano CON ORGANo PRODigioso QUAsi RI.MAne in CO.MA)
                                                1. ORGANisation
                                                  1. Use of an organisation chart for define clear roles and responsibilities
                                                    1. Responsibilities are defined in terms of role and not individuals
                                                    2. PLAns
                                                      1. Successful control includes setting plans for everything that needs to be delivered (Time, Quality, Responsibility, Communication)
                                                      2. PRODucts
                                                        1. Products here means: PID, Budget, Progress reports)
                                                          1. Technical products
                                                            1. Quality Products
                                                              1. Management Products
                                                            2. CONtrols
                                                              1. TARA
                                                                1. Regular and formal controls are implemented to garantee timeliness, cost control and quality of the project
                                                                  1. Control is achieved through the authorisation of WORK PACKAGES
                                                                  2. QUAlity
                                                                    1. Quality plans should set the standards required
                                                                    2. RIsk MAnagement
                                                                      1. Identifying different types of risk will allow us to plan to reduce them or avoid them
                                                                      2. COntrol of change MAnagement
                                                                        1. Any change to the project needs to be approved by client
                                                                      3. We are in Project Management. It is a methodology, in other words it is like a recipe to follow in order to get a successful Project
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