Expertise in Project Management


Mind Map of Project Management and the expertise for project life cycle.
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Expertise in Project Management
  1. How to Initiate Project
    1. What's the Background?
      1. Need for Product/Service
        1. Applications Affected
          1. Materials
            1. Stakeholders
              1. Resources
              2. Business Case?
                1. Project Definition
                  1. Assess Risks
                    1. Project Scope
                      1. Create Objectives
                        1. Business Owners
                          1. Milestones
                          2. Set Initial Meetings
                          3. Planning the Project
                            1. Research & Build Plan
                              1. Set Timeline & Schedule
                                1. Budget/Costs
                                  1. Assign Resources/Personnel
                                    1. Training Requirements
                                      1. Project Charter
                                        1. Create Mock-Up
                                          1. Gaining Buy-In of Product/Service
                                            1. Agendas
                                              1. Project Acceptance
                                              2. Steps to Execute It
                                                1. Construct Product/Service per Mock-Up
                                                  1. User Training
                                                    1. Standards Compliance
                                                      1. Project Status Meetings
                                                        1. User Acceptance Testing (UAT)
                                                          1. UAT Buy-Off
                                                            1. Product/Service Production Roll-Out
                                                            2. How to Control Project
                                                              1. Production Launch Support
                                                                1. Progress Reports
                                                                  1. Viability Evaluation
                                                                    1. Production Review
                                                                      1. Actions Database
                                                                        1. Audit of Product/Service
                                                                        2. Closing & Finishing It
                                                                          1. Post Project Review
                                                                            1. Lessons Learned
                                                                              1. Continued Support Set-Up
                                                                                1. Conformity Review of Timeline/Budget/Schedule
                                                                                  1. Final Project Review
                                                                                    1. Closing Meeting
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