Digital Video


Basic concept about digital video
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Digital Video
  1. Meaning:
    1. It is a standard of video of domestic,industrial range and broadcast.
    2. KIND OF:
      1. FLV (Flash Video Format)
        1. AVI (Audio Video Interlaced)
          1. WMV (Windows Media Video)
            1. MOV (Apple Quick Time Movie)
              1. MPEG (Motions Picture Experts Group)
                1. MPEG-4 (.MP4)
                2. DIFERENCES:
                  1. AVI files are mainly used for editing, as they are compatible with almost any application; however, they are not much of a video sharing format.
                    1. A Flash video file format is the most common and popular video sharing file format used over the Internet. Almost all browsers are compatible with Flash and can the play the video with ease.
                    2. FORMATS
                      1. MPEG : Moving Pictures Expert Group (Mpeg1,Mpeg2,Mpeg4)
                        1. AVI:It is the standard format but that of more I weigh. (Xvid o Divx)
                          1. WINDOWS MEDIA: Format developed by Microsoft.(.Mpeg4 o .asf
                            1. MOV: Format developed by Apple.
                              1. WMV:It has been developed recently by Microsoft
                                1. RM :It is the offer of Royal Networks for files of video
                                  1. FLV:It is a format that uses the breeding Adobe Flash to visualize video in Internet.
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