The Poetry of Eavan Boland


Themes and Interests - Styles and Viewpoints
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The Poetry of Eavan Boland
  1. Themes and Interests
    1. Explores and dramatises different forms of LOVE -romantic and parental love.
      1. Explores the complexities of FEMALE EXPERIENCES- motherhood and a mothers need to protect her children
        1. Presents HISTORY and the past as forces that shape the present- different generations of women.
          1. Examines how we try to contan life within DOMESTIC order and how the forces of nature can threten this
          2. Styles and Viewpoint
            1. Is cerebral- The LANGUAGE delibrately engages intelligence rather than emotions (themes , however do engage emotion)
              1. Employs landscape and everyday items as symbolic IMAGERY to express the complexity of everyday life
                1. Balances detailed descriptions of objects or scenes with reflective passages, using SOUND patterns to recreate emotions
                  1. Employs unusual and unconventional FORMS such as two line stanzas, irregular rhyming schemes to represent the complexities of human experience.
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