Chapter 1


-Physical environment -Human Geography -Geographical Concepts
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Chapter 1
  1. Physical Geography
    1. Biosphere
      1. The food we eat comes from the Biosphere
        1. All life on Earth
          1. Plants absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen, purifying the air
          2. Lithosphere
            1. Mountains, hills and plains
            2. Hydroshpere
              1. All water on earth
                1. Oceans, rivers, lakes, wetlands, ice sheets, underground water and moisture in the air
                  1. 70%of the Earth's surface
                  2. Atmosphere
                    1. The air surrounding the earth
                  3. Human Geography
                    1. Development
                      1. Use of resources, both natural and human, to achieve a higher standard of living
                        1. Developed countries: DCs
                          1. Richer and has more advanced techology
                          2. Less developed countries:LDCs
                            1. Poor and only has simple technology
                        2. Settlements
                          1. Where people live, work and carry out activities
                            1. E.g. Villages, towns and cities
                              1. Settlements can differ in the type of work available
                                1. Countryside: Farming, mining and fishing
                                  1. Cities: Manufacturing or services industries
                            2. Population
                              1. Culture
                                1. The way people live, including their economic activities, traditional beliefs and religious practices
                              2. Geographical Concepts
                                1. Place
                                  1. A place of earth's surface that people identify and give meaning to
                                  2. Space
                                    1. ????
                                      1. A part of the earth's s surface that has no identity and has no special meaning
                                      2. Scale
                                        1. Refers to the level at which a geographical feature or issue is examined
                                          1. LOCAL
                                            1. NATIONAL
                                              1. GLOBAL
                                                1. REGIONAL
                                                  1. Environment
                                                    1. Our surrounding
                                                      1. Human
                                                        1. Natural
                                                    2. Environment
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