Social or individual?


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Social or individual?
  1. Conflict between imagination and rationalisation
    1. Was 24 when she bid farewell to her childhood imaginary land Angria
      1. Where does JE stand ?
        1. Representation of a very intimate life
          1. Representation of an outlaw portion of independant women and calling out social injustice
            1. "I have less right than a servant" JE chapter 3
              1. Maintaining her outsider's position is what allows her to survive
              2. the public and the personnal
            2. Immorality and the unsettling of social hierarchy
              1. Elizabeth Rigby c.1847
                1. Says JE is an offence to god
                2. C.B defends herself of any ill intention
                  1. 'I have no impression that I displease God by my words'
                  2. Refusal of patriarchal hierarchy
                    1. JE versus John Reed
                      1. Representation of usual female opression
                      2. Refusal to marry St John
                        1. Giving herself away to virtuous work is negating her own individuality
                          1. St John dies in India as he expected--> basically scuicide
                    2. Childhood in the Victorian Era
                      1. The use of religious lexis to describe nature
                        1. How religion has strayed from the natural and truly god-sent order
                          1. Representation of nature
                            1. Representation of religious peope
                          2. JE and class
                            1. Very lucid representation of poverty concrete, rather than abstract
                              1. not blinded by the ideal of the noble poor
                                1. Would not like to go and live with her poor relatives
                            2. Refusal of established order, rebellion v cruelty
                              1. disagrees with Helen Burns on her royalism
                                1. She is on the side of the regicide
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