American Football


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American Football
  1. Culture / Commercialism
    1. Draft System
      1. Worst team from previous season get first pick in the draft so they can pick the best players. Ensures that no team continually wins the Superbowl
      2. Sponsorship
        1. Fight for coverage and publicity
          1. gain fans / money / popularity
            1. Links with capitalism
              1. Rags to riches
                1. Franchises
                  1. Multibillion dollar business
                  2. Culture of violence
                    1. Violence encouraged and loved by both players and fans
                      1. Many opponents are dehumanised
                        1. The language used "a bomb" "a platoon" war terminology
                          1. Massive importance of winning
                            1. Late 1800s a player died, president at the time introduced protection
                              1. Violence in game represents gun culture
                                1. Kit is full armour and protection
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