Maths Summarising Data


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Maths Summarising Data
  1. Mode
    1. Most common value
      1. With continuous data in a frequency table we can pick a modal class
    2. Median
      1. Middle Value when all the data is arranged in ascending order
      2. Mean
        1. Average value of a set of numbers
          1. Mean of a frequency table is x times by frequency for all values of x and added. Then divide by frequency
            1. Sum of all values divided by number of values
          2. Range
            1. Largest value - smallest value
            2. Interquartile Range
              1. Upper quartile- lower quartile (Upper is 75%, Lower is 25%)
              2. Standard Deviation
                1. Square root of the variance
                2. Variance
                  1. Spread of the data
                    1. Sum of all the squares of the data/ number of values
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