Chapter 7: Investigating Data


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Chapter 7: Investigating Data
  1. Mean and mode
    1. mean = sum of scores/ number of score
      1. Mode=most frequent score
      2. Organising and displaying data
        1. Graphs
          1. Column
            1. Secto
            2. Tables
              1. Charts
                1. Pie chart
              2. Types of Data
                1. Categorical
                  1. Groups in categories
                  2. Numerical
                    1. Numbers
                      1. Discrete
                        1. distinct values
                        2. Contiuous
                          1. not exact
                            1. decimal points
                      2. Median and range
                        1. median= middle score( in order)
                          1. range= highest score- lowest score
                          2. Analysing frequency tables
                            1. fx colum= score x frequency
                            2. Dot plots and Stem and leaf plots
                              1. Dot plots show cluster and outliers
                                1. Stem and lea plots show modes, clusters and how the scores are spread out
                                2. Frequency histograms and ploygons
                                  1. Sampling
                                    1. Sample
                                      1. selection of people
                                      2. Census
                                        1. whole population
                                        2. random sample
                                          1. NOT biased
                                            1. =not opiniated questions
                                        3. Designing survey questions
                                          1. simple
                                            1. not biased
                                              1. easy to answer
                                                1. not too long
                                                2. Analysing data
                                                  1. Mean
                                                    1. affected by outliers
                                                      1. *best when no outliers
                                                      2. Mode
                                                        1. not affected by outliers
                                                          1. *best when most common score is needed
                                                          2. Median
                                                            1. not affected by outliers
                                                              1. *when data has outliers
                                                              2. Range
                                                                1. *when a measure of spread is needed
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