Asch Study and Variations


Social Influence, Conformity Asch Study
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Asch Study and Variations
  1. Study (1951-1955)
    1. Method
      1. 3 Comparison lines and 1 standard line
        1. 123 American Male Undergraduates
          1. 6-8 Confederates per trial
            1. Confederates were told to say the wrong answer
            2. Findings
              1. 36.8% of the time a wrong answer was given
                1. 25% Participants didn't conform at all
                  1. 75% Participants conformed at least once
                    1. Participants said they felt self-conscious and conformed to prevent rejection (NSI)
                  2. Variations
                    1. Group Size
                      1. 3 Confederates- Confomity- 31.8%
                        1. 4 Confederates+ - Little Difference
                          1. Small majority is not sufficient for influence to be exeted
                          2. Unanimity
                            1. Dissenting Participant
                              1. Conformity fell by a 1/4
                                1. The participant behaved more independently
                                2. Task Difficulty
                                  1. Asch made the comparison lines closer in length
                                    1. Conformity Increased
                                      1. ISI plays a role- we look to others for guidance and assume they are right
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