Private Storage Solution


Private Storage Solution Products
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Private Storage Solution
  1. User
    1. Female
      1. Male
      2. Age
        1. Access
        2. Aesthetics
          1. Colour
            1. Materials
              1. Safety
                1. Fit in to Current Trends/Designs
                  1. Fixings
                  2. Size
                    1. Size of Female
                      1. Shoes
                        1. Feet
                        2. Garter
                          1. Thigh
                          2. Bum Bag
                            1. Waist
                            2. Bra
                              1. Chest
                          3. Cost
                            1. Labour
                              1. Budget
                                1. Materials
                                  1. How Much the User is Willing to Pay?
                                    1. High Cost and High Quality
                                      1. Low Cost and Low Quality
                                    2. What Must the Solution Do?
                                      1. Store Valuable Items on a Person
                                        1. Easy to Access but Secure
                                        2. Safety Considerations
                                          1. Health and Safety in Making the Product
                                            1. Quality Control
                                              1. Legislations
                                            2. Personal Safety Implications
                                            3. How is it Made?
                                              1. How Other Existing Products are Made
                                                1. Limitations of Tools
                                                2. Materials
                                                  1. Source of Materials
                                                3. Environment
                                                  1. Where will it be used?
                                                    1. Life Cycle
                                                      1. Can it be Recycled?
                                                        1. Sustainable Materials
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