GCSE Product Design Plastics (AQA Specification)


Basic outline of plastics related to the AQA Product Design Specification. (Not including processes.
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GCSE Product Design Plastics (AQA Specification)


  • • be able to identify common thermoplastics i.e. high impact polystyrene, expanded polystyrene, acrylic, acetate, HDPE, PVC, PET; • be able to identify common thermosetting plastics i.e. GRP, Epoxy resin, UF, MF; • understand the difference between thermoplastics and thermosetting plastics; • understand the ways in which plastics can be formed, especially with regard to consumer products, i.e. vacuum forming, injection moulding, blow moulding, line bending, compression moulding, extrusion; • understand that most plastics are synthetic and that the composition can be adjusted to create different properties for specific purposes e.g. increase rigidity, reduce weight, insulation; • understand the stock forms for plastic materials i.e. sheet, rod, powder, granules, foam; • have a basic understanding of the source of plastics and the primary processes involved in conversion to workable materials.
  1. Stock forms
    1. Sheet
      1. Granules
        1. Rod/tube
          1. powder
            1. Foam
              1. Liquids
                1. Pellets
                  1. Film
                    1. Extruded mouldings (complex shapes)
                    2. Thermplastics
                      1. Recyclable
                        1. Bendy
                          1. Acylic
                            1. ABS
                              1. Polystyrene
                                1. HIPS
                                  1. Polythene
                                    1. Resistant to corrosion and decay
                                      1. For scratches use abrasive polish and buff
                                      2. Recycled (+)
                                        1. Cleaned, shredded and melted
                                          1. Sorted
                                        2. Thermosetting
                                          1. Non-recyclable
                                            1. Ridgid
                                              1. Undergo Chemical change
                                                1. Resists heat and fire
                                                2. Melamine-formaldehyde
                                                  1. polyester resin
                                                    1. Epoxy resin
                                                      1. Urea-formaldehyde
                                                          1. Not recyclable (-)
                                                            1. Landfills
                                                              1. Years to degarde
                                                            2. Sustainability and Environmental
                                                              1. Crude oil (-)
                                                                1. Finite resourse
                                                                  1. Refined
                                                                    1. Production required energy
                                                                  2. Reusing (+)
                                                                    1. Milk/Vegatable crates
                                                                      1. Carrier bags
                                                                        1. Printer cartridges
                                                                          1. Refilled
                                                                        2. Biodegradeable
                                                                          1. Plant extract plastics
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