Andrew Mitchell Microwave Mind Map


This is my microwave mindmap for cooking/foods class 2015.
Mind Map by PlanetVaster, updated more than 1 year ago
Created by PlanetVaster over 8 years ago

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Andrew Mitchell Microwave Mind Map
  1. Magnetron
    1. Creates Microwaves
      1. Sends the microwaves to the wave guide
      2. It's an electronic vacuum tube
      3. Wave Guide
        1. Sends microwaves to the stirrer
          1. Stirrer: A fan like device
            1. Stirrer sends microwaves into the microwave
              1. Microwaves bounce from wall to wall until they enter the food
            2. It's an rectangular metal tube
            3. Water molecules in food
              1. Water Molecules are dipolar (equal positive and negative charge)
                1. Water Molecules act as magnets
                  1. They're pulled one way and then the other
                    1. Happens 2.5 Billion times a second
                      1. Causes friction between the molecules which cause heat
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