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  1. Health, Fitness, Exercise and Performance
    1. Health is a complete state of mental, social and physical well-being, not mearly the absence of disease and infirmity.
      1. Fitness is the ability to meet the demands of the environment.
        1. Exercise is a form of physical activity done primarily to improve one's health and physical fitness.
          1. Health Related Components
            1. Cardiovascular Fitness
              1. The ability of the heart to pump blood and deliver oxygen where needed in the body.
                1. Eg. Running a Marathon
              2. Muscular Endurance
                1. The ability of muscles to move weight over a long period of time without tiring.
                  1. Eg. Long distance running
                2. Strength and Muscular Strength
                  1. Is defined as the ability to lift a maximum weight in one attempt.
                    1. Dynamic Strength is required to start and maintaine a movement of the body.
                      1. Eg. Cycling
                      2. Explosive Strength is required when a high amount of force has to be applied quickly.
                        1. Eg. Shot Putt
                        2. Muscular Strength can be seen in a person lifting heavy weights.
                          1. Static Strength is required when applying strength to a fixed static object.
                            1. Eg. Pushing in a Rugby Scrum
                        3. Speed
                          1. The fastest rate at which a person can complete a task or cover a distance.
                            1. Eg. 100m Sprinter
                          2. Flexibility
                            1. Is the movement at a joint to its fullest range.
                              1. Eg. Gymnastics
                          3. Social
                            1. Sport develops friendships and social mixing.
                              1. Sport introduces co-operation and competitions
                                1. Sport introduces physical challenges and aesthetic appreciation.
                              2. Mental
                                1. Sport helps to releave stress/tension.
                                  1. Sport helps relieve stress related illnesses.
                                2. Physical
                                  1. Sport helps individual to feed and look good.
                                    1. Sport enhances body shape.
                                      1. Sport helps contribute to good health and enjoyment of life.
                                  2. Skill Related Components
                                    1. Reaction Time
                                      1. The time it takes to respond to a stimulus (simple) or a variety of stimuli (choice).
                                        1. Eg. Simple - Responding to a signal (sprint start to a gun).
                                          1. Eg. Choice - Responding to a variety of signals ( playing a shot in cricket depending on the length of the ball pitched).
                                        2. Agility
                                          1. The ability to change direction quickly and still be in control.
                                            1. Eg. Rugby - Running, avoiding opponents whilst in possession.
                                          2. Balance
                                            1. The ability to keep the body stable whether still (static), moving (dynamic) or in a different shape by keeping centre of gravity over the base.
                                              1. Eg. Static - Holiding a position without movement (handstand in gymnastics).
                                                1. Eg. Dynamic - Maintaining a position whilst moving (cycling).
                                              2. Co-ordination
                                                1. The ability to use two or more parts of the body at the same time.
                                                  1. Eg. Basketball - lay up shot.
                                                2. Power
                                                  1. The ability to apply a combination of speed and strength in an action or movement.
                                                    1. Eg. Football - Goal keeper taking a goal kick.
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