PR Skillset Key Messages


Mind map showing the key messages covered in my first ever PR skillset seminar.
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PR Skillset Key Messages
  1. Trade Press
    1. Magazines or publishing that are specific to a trade
    2. What is a Key Message?
      1. Essential to any communications
        1. What does a company the audience to think?
          1. What is their message?
            1. Represents the company and its core values
              1. Integrated into all of the company's PR
                1. How a company talks about who they are
                2. PR Skillset 28/9/15
                  1. Elevator Pitch
                    1. A message that can be broadcasted or understood within a short space of time
                      1. If the company had one sentence to explain its value/aims what would that be?
                        1. This is the KEY MESSAGE!
                      2. Components of a key message...
                        1. DEFINE + CLAIM + PROVE
                          1. How the claim exists? The comp/org's values
                            1. What can it do for you(audience)? What does the def mean in practice?
                              1. Usually statistics or rewarding proof. How does it present the claim?
                            2. Creating a Key message
                              1. Keep it simple/distil down what you want to say
                                1. Make message approachable (where relevant
                                  1. No unnecessary jargon
                                  2. Intelligent Tone
                                    1. Use brand vocab
                                      1. Challenge messages against competitors
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