Data Protection Act 1998


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Data Protection Act 1998
  1. The Data Protection Act has eight key principles that state how data (information) should be kept and handled:
    1. 1
      1. Processed FAIRLY and LAWFULLY
        1. Personal information:
          1. Should NOT be collected and used without PERMISSION
            1. Should only be used on a 'need-to-know' basis
        2. 2
          1. Used ONLY for purposes for which it was INTENDED
            1. Personal information:
              1. Should be held for a clear purpose
                1. Should only be used for the purpose held
            2. 3
              1. ADEQUATE and RELEVANT but not EXCESSIVE
                1. Practitioners should:
                  1. Only collect and use information that is needed
                    1. Not collect unnecessary information
                2. 4
                  1. ACCURATE and kept UP TO DATE
                    1. Inaccurate/incorrect data should be destroyed or corrected
                      1. Staff has the responsibility to ensure information is correct
                        1. Systems should be in place for checking accuracy
                      2. 5
                        1. Kept for NO LONGER than is necessary
                          1. Information should be DELETED or DESTROYED when no longer needed
                            1. Sensitive or personal data should be SECURELY deleted or shredded
                          2. 6
                            1. PROCESSSED in line with the RIGHTS of the individual
                              1. People have the right to:
                                1. Know what information is held about them
                                  1. Know how their information is being used
                                    1. Have any errors corrected
                                      1. Prevent any data being used for advertising or marketing
                                  2. 7
                                    1. SECURED
                                      1. AUTHORISATION
                                        1. Non-authorised staff/people should not be allowed to access information
                                          1. Information should be kept in SECURE conditions
                                            1. There should be clear guidelines on who can have access
                                        2. 8
                                          1. NOT transferred to countries outside the European economic area
                                            1. European Economic area
                                              1. Information should only be transferred outside the European economic area with permission
                                                1. Other countries might not have the same data protection legislation
                                                  1. Data might not be secure
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