Lord Of The Flies: Plot


A quick mind map on the plot of the novel. Anyone who has any questions about it message me. Good Luck :)
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Lord Of The Flies: Plot
  1. Chapters 1 and 2
    1. A group of boys are evacuated due to a war involving England
      1. They become marooned on a small Island
      2. Piggy and Ralph meet
        1. Find a conch, to meet the other survivors.
        2. A group of choir boys led by Jack Merridew. Older boys.
          1. Ralph is elected leader, Jack not pleased. Jack and the choir are hunters.
            1. Ralph, Jack and Simon explore Island, Jack ALMOST kills a piglet.
              1. A meeting is called, conch is now a symbol of Authority
                1. Boys argue over the existence of a beast.
                  1. Fire lit to attract attention. Burns out of control. Boy with birth mark disappears.
                  2. Chapters 3 and 4
                    1. Jack takes delight in tracking Pigs but fails to kill any.
                      1. Ralph constructs shelters with limited success, due to no help.
                        1. Jack and Ralph argue over priorities.
                          1. Simon explores the forest on his own.
                            1. Roger and Maurice destroy the smaller children's sandcastles, Roger throws stones at Henry.
                              1. Ralph spots ship. chance of rescue disappears
                                1. The hunters return with a pig, Ralph is angry with Jack for letting the fire go out.
                                  1. In guilt Jack lashes out at Piggy. Smashes lens.
                                    1. Ralph is upset and meeting is called.
                                    2. Chapters 5 and 6
                                      1. Ralph points out the requirements for survival.
                                        1. Discussion turns to the 'Beastie', Jack and Piggy reckon it is rubbish.
                                          1. Unseen by the boys, dead parachutist drifts on to the island near fire.
                                            1. Sam'n'Eric reckon the beast to be the dead parachutist and tells the others.
                                              1. The boys gather on the platform and Jack suggests they hunt the beast.
                                                1. Ralph, Jack and the older boys head off. Piggy babysits the littluns.
                                                  1. Ralph notices how Dirty the boys have become.
                                                    1. Ralph goes alone to an unexplored part of a rocky outcrop where he is soon joined by Jack.
                                                    2. Chapters 7 and 8
                                                      1. Ralph notices how dirty the boys are.
                                                        1. Ralph and the hunters try to kill a wild boar and re enact the event.
                                                          1. Ralph, Jack and Roger hunt for the beast. See the dead parachutist and are convinced it is the beast
                                                            1. They discuss the beast, reckon they can kill, Ralph knows they are just boys with sticks
                                                              1. Jack attempts to overthrow Ralph. Wanders off, secretly joined by his choir.
                                                                1. Kill a sow, have a feast.
                                                                  1. Simon has a conversation with pigs head, becomes unconscious.
                                                                  2. Chapters 9 and 10
                                                                    1. Simon sees the dead parachutist and knows the truth about the beast
                                                                      1. Ralph and piggy join the other boys feast, Dance and Chant as thunder strikes.
                                                                        1. Simon stumbles into tribal circle, seen as the beast and killed frenzy attack.
                                                                          1. Simon and Parachutist washed out to sea.
                                                                            1. Ralph, Piggy, Sam and Eric shows signs of guilt. Ralph becomes confused.
                                                                              1. Jack and hunters set up camp on rocky outcrop.
                                                                                1. Three hunters ambush Piggy and steal glasses.
                                                                                2. Chapters 11 and 12
                                                                                  1. Ralph, Piggy, Sam and Eric decide to confront Jack.
                                                                                    1. Piggy is killed by a falling rock. Conch is destroyed
                                                                                      1. Sam and Eric are captured by hunters, Isolating Ralph.
                                                                                        1. Jack and hunters track Ralph as if he is a Pig
                                                                                          1. Jack Sets fire to most of the island.
                                                                                            1. As Ralph collapses on beach, he sees a naval officer, he is rescued!
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