Mnemonics for VACCINES


A mindmap I created to help memorize types of vaccines! Notes and critics are very much welcome :)
Tamara Ey Firsty
Mind Map by Tamara Ey Firsty, updated more than 1 year ago
Tamara Ey Firsty
Created by Tamara Ey Firsty almost 9 years ago

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Mnemonics for VACCINES
  1. Inactivated/ Killed-Wole
    1. RIP ACE
      1. Rabies
        1. Influenza classic
          1. Polio (IPV, Salk)
            1. Hep A
              1. Cholera
                1. Encephalitis
                2. Pertussis
                  1. Thypoid
                  2. LIve-attenuated
                    1. BOYs Love The Crime
                      1. BCG (for tb)
                        1. OPV (oral polio vacc, Sabin)
                          1. Yellow fever
                            1. L-live attenuated
                              1. Thypoid (oral)
                                1. Chickenpox
                                  1. Rubella
                                    1. Influenza (IVL, intranasal, Flumist)
                                      1. MMR
                                        1. Epidemic thypus
                                      2. Purified component (toxoid)
                                        1. DPT (difteri pertussis tetanus(
                                        2. Subunit vaccine
                                          1. Protein subunit
                                            1. Toxoid
                                              1. DPT
                                            2. Polisakarida
                                              1. Pneumonia
                                                1. N. meningitidis
                                                2. Glikoprotein
                                                  1. HPV
                                                  2. Synthetic peptide
                                                    1. underresearch
                                                  3. DNA Recombinant
                                                    1. HBV
                                                      1. HPV
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