Top Down Strategy (Pros and Cons)


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Top Down Strategy (Pros and Cons)
  1. Advantages
    1. Avoids short-term behaviours
      1. Helps identify strategic issues
        1. Gives goal congruence
          1. Improves stakeholder perception
            1. Provides basis for strategic control
              1. Develops future management potential
              2. Disadvantages
                1. Too infrequent, business cannot be dynamic
                  1. Prevents radical or innovative strategies
                    1. Harder to implement as non-participative
                      1. Loss of entrepreneurial spirit
                        1. Expensive and complicated for small businesses
                          1. Impossible to use in uncertain environments
                          2. Strategy & small businesses
                            1. Birely (1982)
                              1. Internal stakeholder interests
                                1. Owner managed, family shareholders
                                2. Limited market choice
                                  1. Fewer products/services, narrower range of strategic options
                                  2. Limited resources
                                    1. Insufficient capital to pursue strategy
                                    2. Organisational strcuture
                                      1. No infrastrcuture or management skills to deliver strategy
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