Unit 3.4: Effective People Management


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Organisation Chart A diagram that shows the internal structure of an organization.
Hierarchy Refers to the level of responsibility in an organization. Shows the authority of people in a business.
Chain of Command The route by which decisions are passed down the different levels of the organization. Starts with the people with the most authority.
Span of Control Refers to how many people someone is responsible for. It is the number of subordinates that a person has direct authority over.
Centralized An organization in which most of the decisions are made at the head office.
Decentralized An organization that allows staff to make decisions at a local level
Motivation The will to work.
Communication The passing of information form one person in an organization to another.
Barriers to Communication. Something that prevents the flow of communication.
Internal Communication Communication that takes place between people within the organization.
External Communication Communication that takes place between the business and people outside the organization.
Remuneration Payment to employees.
Wage A method of paying employees for their work, usually on a weekly basis.
Salary A method of paying employees for their work, usually calculated on an annual basis and paid monthly.
Commission A method of payment where workers' pay is based on the value of products they have sold.
Piece Rate Pay A method of payment where workers are paid per item or unit they produce.
Time Rate Pay A method of payment where workers are paid per hour that they have worked.
Performance Related Pay This is a payment of reaching an agreed target. It may be a personal target agreed with an individual.
Maslow Hierarchy of Needs
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