Career Exploration


A MindMap to help me think of career paths I would be a good fit in!
Ella Pruchniewski
Mind Map by Ella Pruchniewski, updated more than 1 year ago
Ella Pruchniewski
Created by Ella Pruchniewski almost 4 years ago

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Career Exploration
  1. Interests/Major
    1. Major: Undecided
      1. Potential Major: Biology
        1. BA
          1. BS
          2. Personal Interests
            1. STEM
              1. Architecture
                1. Archeology
                  1. Public Health
                2. Related Job Fields
                  1. Public Health
                    1. Biostatistics
                      1. Health Policy
                        1. Epidemiology
                        2. Genetics
                          1. Forensic Science
                            1. Genetic Counsellor
                              1. Research Scientists
                              2. Biology
                                1. Biologist
                                  1. Biotechnologist
                                    1. Ecologist
                                      1. Conservationist
                                        1. Teacher
                                      2. Experiences
                                        1. Public Health Volunteering in Cusco
                                          1. Volunteer at WakeMed
                                            1. WSTEM Club
                                            2. Skills/Top Strengths
                                              1. Creative
                                                1. Quick Learner
                                                  1. Good Communicator
                                                    1. Writing
                                                      1. Athletic
                                                      2. Top Achievements
                                                        1. President of WSTEM Club
                                                          1. National Honor Society
                                                            1. Math Honor Society
                                                              1. Regional Volleyball Tournament Win
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