Career Choice


Mind Map outlining the though process when deciding which possible career choice to follow.
Andrea Leyden
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Career Choice
  1. Computing
    1. Science
      1. A lot of mathematics
        1. I do not like mathematics!
          1. My brain is made to use mathematics in my job!
      2. Good job opportunities
        1. Lots of competition
          1. I don't know anyone working in this sector
          2. Types of jobs
            1. Computer
              1. Professor of computing
            2. I hate technology
              1. Languages is not important
                1. I don't like learning a new language
              2. Literature
                1. Letters
                  1. Many editors
                    1. I like to write!
                      1. It's my speciality!
                        1. I always get good grades in English
                      2. Few job opportunities
                        1. Types of jobs
                          1. Writer
                            1. I have written a mini-novel!
                            2. Professor of Literature
                              1. I like to communicate with people
                            3. I have many contacts in publishing
                              1. Maybe you can help me out!
                            4. I love reading
                              1. I do not need to learn a new language
                              2. Medicine
                                1. If I see a drop of blood I get dizzy
                                  1. A lot of years to a career
                                    1. I like to study, but not too much
                                  2. Law
                                    1. A lot of memorisation
                                      1. It gives me the chills!
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