Natural Law


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Natural Law
  1. Aristotle
    1. 'The natural' doesn't depend on grading in society or birth.
      1. 'The natural ' is something which is everywhere
        1. It is valid everywhere to everyone at all times
          1. You don't need to be intellectual to understand or receive 'the natural'
            1. It is forever and eternal
              1. 'The natural' does not change with age or time and it's like your soul is always with her.
              2. Aquinas
                1. Believed that the final cause (what it's for) is what God intended it to do.
                  1. The efficient cause is God - who brought the world into existence
                    1. Did not see this as a threat to Christianity
                      1. Linked the Stoics idea of Universal Natural Law to Aristotle's view that people have a purpose and function
                        1. Stoics
                          1. Believed that the universe has a basic design and purpose which within it the human morality should work in harmony with
                        2. Real/Apparent Good
                          1. Aquinas believed that everyone has the sense of Natural Law within themselves, which inclines them towards perfection
                        3. Five Precepts
                          1. Preservation of Life
                            1. Educating the Young
                              1. Living in a Society
                                1. Worshipping God
                                  1. Reproduction
                                    1. To concentrate on NL you have to have a civilised society which is free to survive and flourish and these precepts are essential
                                      1. Secondary Precepts
                                        1. Preservation of Life - Do not commit suicide and do not switch off life-support machines
                                          1. Educating the Young - Education is free and make schooling compulsory
                                            1. Living in a Society - Build more homes and encourage community activities
                                              1. Worshipping God - Set one day aside for a week for worship and hold school assemblies
                                                1. Reproduction - Permit IVF and surrogacy whilst contraception is wrong
                                              2. 4 Laws
                                                1. Bible
                                                  1. Church
                                                    1. You
                                                      1. Precepts
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