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Order a bill must go through parliament consultation, first reading, second reading, committee stage, report stage, third reading, amendments stage, royal assent
Name two advantages of Parliamentary Law Making process Scrutiny: three readings in two HoP Democratic: HoC elected, HoL cannot veto HoC bills (Parliament Acts 1911 and 1949) Gov. Control: elelcted party has more power to vote bills
Name 2 disadvantages of the Parliamentary Law Making Process Undemocratic: neither the Monarch or the HoL are elected Slow: Many readings in both houses, takes months, not appropriate when laws need to be made quickly Gov control: Private Members Bills ignored 2009/10 5 PMB into statute book
Name examples of Public Bills, Private Bills and Hybrid Bills Public bill: Dangerous Dogs Act 1991 Private Bill: Marriage Enabling Act 1980 Hybrid Bill: The Channel Tunnel Act 1996
Name and define 3 influences on parliamentary Law making The Law Commission: Independent body created by Commission Act 1965 Media & public opinion: Media communicates information to public, public make view known through media Pressure Groups: Group who campaign for law reforms
2 Advantages of the Law Comission Independent: all law reviewed, not just what Gov. wants. Drafts Bills: Drafts based wholly on their findings less delay introducing to parliament.
2 disadvantages of the Law Commision No Obligation: The Gov is not obliged to consult the Law Commission on any law Time: An investigation can take years before report is produced, be interrupted in investigations in other areas
Name the Act which created the Law Commission The Law Commission Act 1965
Name 2 advantages of the Media and Public opinion Keeps Government in touch with public on matters which pressure Gov. into making legislation reforms Supports Pressure Groups, E.G: Snow Drop campaign
Name 2 Disadvantages of the Media and Public opinion Not politically neutral: Rupert Murdoch owns monopolies: Fox News, the Times, The Daily Telegraph, and Sky News Profit: often publish stories which that will sell or cause panic, the case News of the World, Name and Shame Campaign
Name one example where The Media and Public Opinion changed the law Name and Shame Campaign: News of the World following murder of a child by a paedophile, after publishing names and pictures of paedophiles as a part of the campaign, the law was passed which required the police to maintain a register of convicted paedophiles
Name 2 advantages of pressure groups Sound knowledge and expertise so law enacted by pressure groups benefits from considerable expertise Raises awareness: keeps Parliament in touch with real issues important to the people.
Name 2 Disadvantages of pressure groups Biased: not presenting objective argument, EG: fathers4justice rarely recognise courts and mothers also want what's best for the children Tyranny of the minority: small groups (unrepresentative) that are well organised can change the law
name an example of a pressure group which helped to change the law RSPCA was active in promoting the Animal Welfare Bill which was passed in 2006
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