Law Commission 1965


Law commission revision notes for a level law
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Law Commission 1965
  1. Codification
    1. Make laws more Accessible and comprehensible
      1. New Criminal Code 1985. But it was turned down by the Government.
    2. Consolidate
      1. Group acts under 1 act of Parliament
        1. Sale of Goods Act 1994
      2. Repeal
        1. Get rid of old laws that have no relevance.
          1. Law Reform (Year and a day rule) act 1996
        2. Helps to modernise law
          1. Under no political influence
            1. specialist advice
          2. 1/3 proposals turned down
            1. Government doesnt have to consult them. Can choose to ignore.
              1. Gov can be Busy
            2. 5 Commissioners. -1Chairman (High Court Judge) ; 4 experienced lawyers
              1. Research an area of law. Publish a green consultation paper, publishes a report from responses on proposals for reform. Bill is drafted (white paper) and given to parliament.
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