Hard Engineering


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Hard Engineering
  1. Dams
    1. A barrier to obstruct the flow of water
      1. +Highly effective
        1. + Supply HEP
          1. -Silt collects behind dams
            1. +Create jobs
              1. - Could force people out of homes
                1. - Unnatural
                  1. -Expensive
                    1. -Flood areas upstream
                    2. CASE STUDY Three gorges dam
                    3. Removal of settlements
                      1. -Expensive/Complicated
                        1. + 100% flood risk reduction
                        2. Flood interception Schemes
                          1. building a bypass channel,using a new channel to store excess water, using embanments
                            1. -Expensive
                              1. +reduces flood risk in towns/cities
                            2. Flood storage resevoirs
                              1. store excess water in upper reaches of catchment
                                1. +Natural looking
                                  1. + Can provide water elsewhere
                                    1. -Requires a lot of land
                                      1. -Expensive due to buying land
                                        1. Unless built on cheap high land (little of this in the U.k)
                                    2. Relief channels
                                      1. redirect water around a settlement to re-enter the main channel later
                                        1. +can be used to supply water as well
                                          1. +Natural looking
                                            1. -Expensive so can only be used where it is impossible to alter existing channel
                                          2. Channel improvements
                                            1. Smoother(with concrete), dredging, channel straightening
                                              1. +Move water out of area quicker
                                                1. +Increases channel capacity
                                                  1. +Accomodates larger discharge
                                                    1. -can increase risk of flooding downstream
                                                      1. -requires maintenence
                                                        1. -Short term benefits
                                                          1. -More erosion downstream
                                                            1. -Enlarged channels often arent used and fill with weeds
                                                          2. Flood walls, levees and embankments
                                                            1. Walls and levees add height to channel
                                                              1. +Embankments(if set back from channel) can provide storage for excess flood waters while inhabited areas remain unaffected
                                                                1. -Expensive
                                                                  1. - Eye sore
                                                                    1. -Could speed up water downstream and flood somewhere else
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