Comparing a major flood in an MEDC and an LEDC- CASE STUDY!


MEDC- Carlisle Floods, January 2005 LEDC- Bangladesh Floods, 2004
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Carlisle- winds reached? 120mph
Carlisle- how large is the River Eden's drainage basin? 2290km
Carlisle- how many trees fell? 1/2 a million
Carlisle- which 2 tributaries join the River Eden at Carlisle? River Caldew, River Petteril
Carlisle- peak discharge? 1520 m³/s
Carlisle- when was peak discharge/ Saturday evening 8th January 2005
Carlisle- N of... The Lake District
Carlisle- NW of... The Pennines
Carlisle- SW of... Northumerland National Park
Carlisle- what type of rainfall do mountainous areas cause? orographic
Carlisle- how much rainfall in how long? 175mm of persistent rain in 36 hours
Carlisle- according to the EA how much flooding was due to infrastructure and sewage? 8%
Carlisle- according to the EA how much flooding was caused by run off? 73%
Carlisle-What do drains do? Provide a direct route for water to rivers
Carlisle- how much water flooded fire and police stations? 2.5m
Carlisle- which important places were flooded? (2 places) fire and police stations
Carlisle- which damage cannot be measured? emotional and psychological
Carlisle- How many were injured? 120
Carlisle- how many died? 3
Carlisle- How many people were without power for 3 days? 80,000
Carlisle- How many were without power for more than 3 days? 5,000
Carlisle- how many businesses were flooded? 300
Carlisle- how many homes were affected? 3,000
Carlisle- how many properties were flooded? 1865
Carlisle- Who were worst affected? people living South of the River Eden
Carlisle- What was reported damage costs for Network Rail? £2.5million
Carlisle- what was the final estimated repair bill? £250 million
Bangladesh- what % of Bangladesh is less than 10 metres above sea level 75%
Bangladesh- what is a cyclone a tropical revolving storm
Bangladesh- when do the cyclones occur (season) the rainy season
Bangladesh- what 3 things to cyclones bring? exceptional winds, intense precipitation and storm surges
What adds to discharge in the spring? snow melt from the Himalayas
Bangladesh- which 3 rivers join to make the delta on which Bangladesh is situated? River Ganges, River Brahmaputra, River Meghna
Bangladesh- what is the population of Dhaka? over 1 million
Bangladesh- When is the wet season? May- September
Bangladesh- what is the GDP per capita? $300
Bangladesh- What does low GDP per capita mean about river management? It can only be carried out with aid from abroad
Bangladesh- there has been rapid _____ in the Himalayas? deforestation
Bangladesh- when trees are cut down what happens to rates of interception and evapo-transpiration? lower rates of interception and evapo-transpiration
Bangladesh- how many people died? 800
Bangladesh- how many people were made homeless? 36 million
Bangladesh- name 4 environmental impacts (2 erosion based, 2 water related) river bank erosion, soil erosion, water-logging and water contamination
Bangladesh- who were the worst affected? slum dwellers
Bangladesh- why are slum dwellers homes easily washed away/destroyed? (2 points) they live on poorly drained land, their homes aren't built on proper foundations
Bangladesh- how long were flights suspended until? July
Bangladesh- what was economic damaged? £1.4 billion
Bangladesh- what % of GDP for 2004 was lost? 4%
Bangladesh- how much agricultural land was flooded? 800,000 hectares
Bangladesh- what does no insurance of social welfare people are reliant on foreign aid
Bangladesh- what type of illnesses were caused and why? water related due to lack of sanitation
Bangladesh- how much crops did some farmers lose? 1 years worth
Bangladesh- what was needed until next year's harvest? emergency food aid
Bangladesh- which 3 places are squatter settlements often built on? rubbish tips, swamps, river banks
Bangladesh- what % of Bangladesh's land area was flooded? 38%
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