Working Class Underachievement


A Level Sociology (Education) Mind Map on Working Class Underachievement, created by Phoebe Fletcher on 21/02/2015.
Phoebe Fletcher
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Phoebe Fletcher
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Resource summary

Working Class Underachievement
  1. Material factors
    1. Poverty and low wages
      1. Lack of financial support
        1. Cost of travel and fees post-16
          1. Poor environment
            1. Crime
              1. Drug abuse
              2. Part-time work
                1. Poor diet and Ill-health
                  1. Leading to tiredness and missed lessons
                  2. Damp, overcrowded, poor-housing quality
                  3. Cultural factors
                    1. Amount of cultural capital
                      1. Subculture attitudes and values
                        1. Restricted code of language use
                          1. Parents attitudes and interests in education
                            1. Parent's level and knowledge of education, and confidence in dealing with schools
                            2. Inside school factors
                              1. Resources in the school
                                1. School ethos
                                  1. The hidden curriculum
                                    1. Whether children are 'warmed up' or 'cooled out'
                                      1. The 'halo effect'
                                        1. Access to classroom knowledge
                                          1. Streaming and labelling
                                            1. Anti-school subculture
                                              1. The self fulfilling prophecy
                                                1. Teachers evaluation and sterotyping
                                                  1. Attitudes, interests and expectations of teachers
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