D 1) Pharmaceutical products


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D 1) Pharmaceutical products
  1. Effects on the body
    1. alters the physiological state (consciousness, activity level or coordination)
      1. alters incoming sensory sensations •
        1. alters mood or emotions
        2. Medicine or drug
          1. any chemical that does one or more of the following to the human body, for better or worse
          2. Stages in the development of a drug
            1. 1. Identify disease
              1. 2. Identify a molecular target
                1. 3. Identify ‘lead’ molecule that can act on gene/enzyme in the disease organism
                  1. 4. Preclinical trials: testing of ‘lead molecule’ in laboratory (in vitro/In Vivo)
                    1. 5. Clinical trials (Testing of its effectiveness)
                      1. 6. Submission of reports to international or national regulatory bodies
                        1. 7. Monitoring of the drug
            2. Methods of administering drugs
              1. •Oral
                1. Parenteral
                  1. intravenouso, intramuscular & subcutaneous
                  2. •Inhalation
                    1. Rectal
                      1. Skin patches
                      2. Terms
                        1. Dosing regime = the amount of drug used for each
                          1. The therapeutic window is the range in amount or concentration over which a drug can be safely administered to a typical population
                            1. Tolerance refers to the body’s reduced response to a drug
                              1. Side-effects are physiological effects which are not intended and therefore undesired (intended = therapeutic effects)
                                1. The placebo effect occurs when a person experiences a positive therapeutic effect because they believe they have been given a medicine although the substance given is not a medicine
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