Market & Technology Dynamics


Masters AE3-420 Innovation Management Mind Map on Market & Technology Dynamics, created by Tris Stindt on 14/10/2015.
Tris Stindt
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Tris Stindt
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Market & Technology Dynamics
  1. Definition of Innovation
    1. Idea + Commercialisation £££
      1. Competitive Advantage
      2. "Business only has 2 functions - Marketing & Innovation" - DRUCKER
      3. History of Innovation
        1. Creative Destruction/ Schumpeter's Gale
          1. Capitalist Engine
            1. New Markets
              1. New Methods of Production
                1. New Consumer Goods
                  1. New Industrial Organisations
                    1. New Transportation
                2. Dynamics
                  1. Technology Life Cycle (TLC)
                    1. Technology Adoption Cycle (TAC)
                      1. Chasm
                    2. Innovator's Dilemma
                      1. Disruptive technologies vs. Rational investments
                        1. Sustaining vs. Disruptive technologies
                          1. Trajectories of market needs vs. Tech improvement
                          2. Exponential Technologies
                            1. Kondratieff's Waves
                              1. Networks & Computing
                                1. AI
                                  1. Robotics
                                    1. 3D Printing
                                      1. Biotech
                                        1. Nano
                                        2. Disruptive Innovation


                                          • A new product or service that enters at the low end of the market and gradually moves up-market, displacing existing, established products. The change driving this disruption may, in itself, be a minor or incremental technological innovation.
                                          1. Discontinuous Innovation


                                            • New technology applied to solve an existing need in a new way. The HP Inkjet printer is the classic example here, having displaced earlier impact printhead technologies with a new and better way to put ink on paper.
                                            1. Customer-centric
                                              1. Change in user behaviour
                                                1. Convenient
                                                  1. Affordable
                                                2. New Markets
                                                  1. Changes value proposition
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