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what is the functional group of an alcohol? -O-H
name 3 alcohols methanol ethanol propanol
what ph will a solution be if you dissolve an alcohol in water? 7 (neutral)
what does homologous mean? a group that all have the same properties
what gas is produced when an alcohol reacts with sodium? hydrogen
what are 3 uses of alcohols fuels and solvents.. and ethanol is used is used in alcoholic drinks
how can you produce ethanoic acid from ethanol? oxidise it using either chemical oxidising agents or by microbial action
what is vinegar? an aqueous solution that contains ethanoic acid
what is the functional group of a carboxylic acid? c-o-o-h
carboxylic acids dissolve in water to produce a solution that is acidic alkaline or neutral? acidic
what happens when carboxylic acids react with carbonates? carboxylic acids react with carbonates to form carbon dioxide
why are carboxylic acids weak acids? they do not ionise completely when dissolved in water so not many H+ ions that cause acidity
how can a carboxylic acid produce an ester? it reacts with alcohol in the presence of a catalyst
what is the functional group of an ester? c-o-o
what are uses of esters? used as flavourings and perfumes because different esters produce distinctive smells and tastes
what is the name of an ester? ethyl ethanoate
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