Leadership vs. Management


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Leadership vs. Management
  1. “a process whereby an individual influences a group of individuals to achieve a common goal.”
    1. manager is a person that set’s the goal and finds the most effective way to reach the goal.
      1. Bernard Bass
        1. leaders manage and managers lead, but the two activities are not synonymous
        2. Being a leader means:
          1. Motivating, influencing and changing behavior
            1. Inspiring and setting tone and version
              1. Managing people
                1. Being charismatic
                  1. Being visionary
                    1. Understanding and using power and influence
                      1. Putting people first
                      2. Being a manager means:
                        1. Directing, implementing and being held accountable for resources
                          1. Delivering the goods and service
                            1. Managing resources
                              1. Understanding and using authority and responsibility
                                1. Planning and controlling
                                  1. Being conscientious
                                    1. Putting customer first.
                                    2. Good leaders are not necessarily good managers, and good managers are not necessarily good leaders. Effective leadership requires effective managerial skills at some level. Good managerial skills turn a leader’s vision into actionable tasks and successful implementation. Sergio Marchionne, CEO of Fiat Group, is a good exampl
                                      1. Leadership Approaches: leadership behaviors that are most effective in different settings
                                        1. Trait Approaches: what diff. leader from others
                                          1. Stogdill and Mann's five traits: intellig. domin. self-conf. level of energ. and task knowleg.
                                            1. Leadership prototypes: intelligence, masculinity and dominance
                                              1. Goleman: emotional intelli.
                                                1. Kouzes and Posner's four traits: honest, inspiring and competent.
                                                  1. Kellerman's bad traits: rigid, evil, incomp. and callous.
                                                  2. Behavioral Approaches: leader behaviors that resulted in higher work group performance
                                                    1. Ohio States Studies
                                                      1. initiating structure behavior
                                                        1. consideration behavior
                                                        2. University of Michigan
                                                          1. job centered style
                                                            1. employee centered
                                                          2. Contingency Approaches
                                                            1. Fidler's model
                                                              1. task oriented style
                                                                1. relationship oriented style
                                                                2. House's path-goal revised theory
                                                                3. Transformational Approach
                                                                  1. Bass and Avolio's four transformational behavior
                                                                    1. inspirational motivation
                                                                      1. Idealized influence
                                                                        1. indivualized consideration
                                                                          1. intellectual stimulation
                                                                          2. Full range theory of leadership
                                                                          3. Emerging Approaches
                                                                            1. Leader- member exchange (LMX)
                                                                              1. relationship between leader and followers is important.
                                                                              2. Shared Leadership
                                                                                1. Greenleaf servant leadership
                                                                                  1. providing service for others, not oneself
                                                                                  2. Role of followers in the process
                                                                                    1. Followers manage the relationship
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