Robots and social impact of Computers.


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Robots and social impact of Computers.
  1. ICT in the work place
    1. Robots and machinery in the work place
      1. Many jobs that used to be run by people have know been taken over by machines .
        1. Jobs that were reparative have been taking over by "Robots"
          1. They have taken jobs like in offices as these jobs are done daily and are the same
          2. Do Robots help?
            1. Yes they can be as they are used in certain "dangerous jobs" like spray painting items
          3. Employment
            1. Shops
              1. Fewer people work in shops as they don't need to count each items and price it as this is all done on a computer when purchasing items
                1. Also a person doesn't have to go round and check the stock as it is done with a computer that automatically gets rid of that item when brought
                2. Banks
                  1. Fewer people are needed as they don't have to carry on counting the money as automated bank machines do this
                    1. Also many computers carry out the task of a basic job at a bank.
                    2. Jobs that have been created
                      1. As many jobs have been lost many jobs have been created
                        1. As people need to run the robots and control the computers
                          1. Jobs
                            1. Computer Programmer
                              1. Systems analyst
                                1. ICT Technician
                                  1. Network Technician
                                    1. Hardware designer
                                      1. Website Designer
                                        1. Database Manager
                                2. Training the staff
                                  1. The changes of ICT
                                    1. Computers and the software on them is always changing so people have to keep being trained to keep up with latest updates.
                                      1. Companies have to train people who work for them all the time as they need they to be kept up to date this can cost a lot of money to keep training.
                                      2. How is it done?
                                        1. This is shown by tutorials from specialized CD's or internet tutorials
                                          1. Or they may have to go to collage to learn however many companies chose to use the CD's as it cost less
                                            1. Some companies produce there own tutorials as it cost a lot less to teach their staff techniques
                                          2. Changes in working practice
                                            1. Mobile Phones
                                              1. These are carried around with you nearly everywhere and they help contact people easy and all you need is signal people no longer need to be in the office to reach you
                                              2. Emails
                                                1. They send mail elctroincaly
                                                  1. It can have spell check making people look more professional also they can be sent nearly everywhere (with Internet connection) this is good for companies as they can connect quickly to all staff even if there on the other side.
                                                  2. Laptop
                                                    1. They help work places as people an take home their work and work at home
                                                    2. Ordering and buying items online
                                                      1. This is good as you can get nearly every product online which can be delivered straight to your house which is great as you don't have to go out an pick it up.
                                                        1. There are many online sites like EBAY and Amazon
                                                        1. Teleworking
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