Lord of the flies themes


GCSE English Literature Mind Map on Lord of the flies themes, created by Lois Kennerley on 23/11/2017.
Lois Kennerley
Mind Map by Lois Kennerley, updated more than 1 year ago
Lois Kennerley
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Lord of the flies themes
  1. Fear
    1. beast
      1. dismissed by Jack
        1. hunts for it himself anyway
        2. parachutist
          1. simon realises
        3. Jack's tribe
          1. death - littluns too frightened
          2. ralph of each other
            1. hunted
              1. what they're capable of
                1. ww2 concentration camps
                2. attacks
              2. Civilisation
                1. Piggy
                  1. Ralph
                    1. Roger
                    2. simon
                      1. murder
                        1. hunting
                          1. sow
                            1. becomes savagery
                              1. masks
                                1. loss of morals
                                  1. fire ironically leads to rescue
                          2. Ralph as leader
                            1. challenge for Jack
                            2. fire
                              1. boys let it out
                                1. rescue
                                2. order
                                  1. democracy
                                    1. the conch
                                      1. the assembly reminds them of school
                                        1. Golding was a teacher
                                        2. Piggy
                                          1. wise
                                  2. Power
                                    1. chief
                                      1. ralph
                                        1. democracy
                                          1. voted by rest of group
                                            1. couldn't control them
                                            2. Jack
                                              1. creates his own tribe
                                                1. littluns too scared to disagree
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