473 Postal Exam


This is the layout for the US Postal Service's 473 exam. Good luck!
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473 Postal Exam
    1. Part A: Address Checking – 60 questions covered in 11 minutes → task: Determine if two addresses are identical (Questions are multiple choice)
      1. Part B: Forms completion – 30 questions covered in 15 minutes → task: Information identification for completing forms correctly (Questions are multiple choice)
        1. Part C (Part I): Coding – 36 questions covered in 6 minutes → task: Use the proper code to assign to addresses (Questions require you to assign a given address to the proper delivery route; a guide is available for this part)
          1. Part C (Part II):Memory – 36 questions covered in 7 minutes → task: Memorize assigned codes for addresses ranges (Questions require you to remember the coding guide you used in the Coding Section and assign delivery routes without looking at the guide)
            1. Part D: Inventory of Personal Experiences and Characteristics – 236 questions covered in 90 minutes → task: Experience and characteristics which are job-related (Questions are to be answered honestly based on your strengths in multiple choice format)
              1. There are no right or wrong answers on this part, so answer with only ONE answer that best fits you best
            2. STUDY TIPS
              1. Take breaks while you study to maximize efficiency
                1. Use ExamTime's Flashcards to help memorize codes for address ranges
                  1. Get plenty of rest the night before you take the exam
                    1. When taking the exam, eliminate answers you know can't be true; usually two answers can be eliminated that way
                      1. Despite the time limit, take your time when reading the question - One word can change the entire meaning of the question
                        1. Make sure you put your answers on the answer sheet given!
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