Teaching pronunciation


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Noemí Ayala
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Teaching pronunciation
  1. A) Pronunciation issues
    1. A1 Perfection versus intelligibity
      1. 'perfect' pronunciation depend much on their attitude to how they speak and how they hear
      2. A2 Problems
        1. *what students can hear *the intonation problem
        2. A3 The phonemic alphabet to use or not to use
          1. Phonemic script is of benefit to students.
          2. A4 When to teach pronunciation
            1. whole lesson; discrete slots; integrated phases; opportunistic teaching.
          3. B) Examples of pronunciation teaching
            1. B1 Working with sound
              1. *Identify the sound of the consonant *position of the lips *contrasting two sounds which are very similar.
              2. B2 Working with stress
                1. Pay attention to the SCHWA
                2. B3 Working with intonation
                  1. Different meanings can be squeezed out of just one word
                  2. B4 Word and spelling
                    1. word roots and grammatical ending: French, Spanish etc
                    2. B5 Connected speech and fluency
                      1. *Stage 1: comparing *Stage 2: identifying *Stage 3: production
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