Speaking FCE


Bueno, este es un esquema con algunas de las frases que pueden ser usadas en el speaking de fce, espero les sea útil
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Speaking FCE
  1. Agreeing and disagreeing
    1. Yes, that's true.
      1. I couldn't agree more
        1. I agree up to a point
          1. Yes, and (what about..?)
            1. Do you think so?
              1. I'm not so sure about that
                1. What about you?
                  1. Do you agree?
                    1. What is your view?
                    2. Comparing and contrasting
                      1. Both pictures show
                        1. Both of ... are
                          1. In this one ... while in this one ...
                            1. The main difference between this pictures is
                              1. The top one/ the bottom one
                                1. They are both/all...
                                2. Correcting yourself
                                  1. (Sorry), I mean..
                                    1. What I meant was..
                                    2. Expressing advantages and disadvantages
                                      1. The good thing about ... is ... On the other hand
                                        1. One disadvantage/drawback about ... is ...
                                        2. Expressing likes, dislikes and preferences.
                                          1. I would like/love/prefer...
                                            1. I wouldn't mind ...
                                              1. I'm (not) very interested in..
                                                1. If i had to choose
                                                  1. I think i would prefer ...
                                                    1. I'm (not) very fond of ..
                                                      1. I'm not really keen on
                                                        1. I'm a big fan of..
                                                          1. ... really appeals to me
                                                            1. I'm really into...
                                                              1. I've always had a soft spot for..
                                                                1. I (just) don't think it matters
                                                                  1. Personally, I..
                                                                  2. Time to think
                                                                    1. Let me think..
                                                                      1. That's a difficult question
                                                                        1. To be honest, i have never thought (much) about it
                                                                        2. Pharaphrasing
                                                                          1. It's something you need when..
                                                                            1. It's when you..
                                                                              1. It's like a..
                                                                                1. It's a kind of..
                                                                                  1. You use it to..
                                                                                  2. Speculating
                                                                                    1. It could be/have been..
                                                                                      1. It can't be/have been..
                                                                                        1. It might be/have been..
                                                                                          1. It must be/have been..
                                                                                            1. I get the impression that..
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