Comparing must and have to.
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  1. HAVE TO
      1. Strong obligation
        1. EXAMPLES
          1. I HAVE TO arrive at work at 9 sharp. My boss is very strict
            1. You HAVE TO pass your exams or the university will not accept you.
              1. We HAVE TO give him our answer today or lose out on the contract
            2. MUST
              1. we are sure something is TRUE
                1. EXAMPLES
                  1. You MUST be worried that she is so late coming home.
                    1. I can't remember what I did with it. I MUST be getting old.
                      1. It MUST be nice to live in Florida.
                      2. Clear evidence or reason
                      3. STRONG OBLIGATION
                        1. PERSONAL CIRCUMSTANCE makes the obligation necessary
                          1. EXAMPLES
                            1. I MUST go to bed earlier.
                              1. They MUST do something about it
                                1. I MUST say, I don't think you were very nice to him.
                              2. Used to show
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