The League of Nations Organisation


This useful chart gives you a quick overview of the organisation of the League of Nations. Understand quickly how the League was governed, and learn about the roles of the Council, the Assembly, the Commissions and the Court of International Justice.
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  • The League of Nations was managed by a permanent Secretariat 
  • The Assembly - acted as the parliament of the League. The Assembly met once a year and voted on issues mainly relating to League budget and admission of new members.  All decisions made had to be unanimous (each party had to agree). 
  • Commissions - these were also called committees and tackled problems such as refugees and improving health internationally. 
  • The Council - held meetings five times a year or in the case of an emergency. The four permanent members were Britain, France, Italy and Japan. All these parties could veto any action by the League. Also, there was some temporary members in the council that were elected by the Assembly . The council made all important decisions for the League. 
  • The Court of International Justice - the main objective of the court was to solve disputes between countries. 
  • The League of Nations Organisation:
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