A Birthday


A Birthday by Christina Rosetti
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  • A Birthday
  • A celebration
  • Celebration of Easter- rebirth, the end of waiting, resurrection
  • Song- an allegory of the love and the relationship between: God and Israel, Christ and Church, Christ and the individual soul
  • The Second Coming: Jeez-slice is gonna roll up in his gold Mercedez saying, "Holla babes!"
  • Ultimately a new Kingdom will come and replace this junk- Jeez will lead, and there will be no more hunger, thirst or tears
  • Language, tone and structure
  • Repetition
  • Each alternate line in the first verse begins 'My heart is like'
  • 'Is come, my love has come to me'
  • Emphasises 'come'- expression of joy that her lover has returned
  • Metre
  • First verse written in strict iambic tetrameter
  • Song-like rhythm that stresses the word 'heart'
  • In second verse, 4 out of 7 lines begin with a trochee
  • Stress falls on the verbs 'raise', 'hang', 'carve', and 'work'
  • Break out of metrical scheme of the first verse, so the trochees highlight the urgency of the speaker to create something new to celebrate the return of her love
  • Imagery, Symbolism, Themes
  • Nature
  • Biblical
  • 'a singing bird'
  • Wordsworth- intention to create poetry like a "spontaneous overflow of powerful feelings"
  • The song is a natural part of her- an awakening, like Spring, whether a religious experience or not
  • Nested upon a 'watered shoot'
  • Fresh, but not as firm as a fully grown tree
  • Image of fertility (young love, weak but lush)
  • 'well watered'
  • Baptism
  • Old Testament Book of Isaiah
  • "You will be like a well-watered garden, like a spring whose waters never fail"
  • Apple tree
  • Natural, different to the tempting Goblin Fruits
  • All who will 'lay hold' of the tree of life 'will be blessed'- Proverbs 3;18
  • Tree in the garden of Eden- the apple knowledge that cast Adam and Eve out
  • 'Rainbow halcyon'
  • Rainbow in the bible- fulfilment of God's promise
  • Appearing when God helped Noah escape the flood- Genesis 19:3
  • Narrator has promises fulfilled- the lover is her God?
  • Halcyon comes from Greek myth of a bird, charmed the wind and waves.
  • Associated with prosperity, joy, tranquility
  • Use of halcyon shows deep comfort and rest narrator has found
  • 'Her heart is gladder than all these'- the speaker indicates that descriptions of the natural world are incapable of fully expressing her exuberant emotional state
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