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  • 1485- Henry VII takes throne following victory at Battle of Bosworth- Henry's first parliament
  • 1486- Henry  marries Elizabeth of York- Lovell Rebellion- Birth of Prince Arthur
  • 1487- Imposture of Lambert Simnel- Defeat of Earl of Lincoln at Battle of Stoke- Export of unfinished cloth by foreign merchants banned
  • 1489- Murder of Earl of Northumberland and Yorkshire Rising- Treaty of Redon-Treaty of Medina del Campo
  • Blue: economic events
  • Red: Political Events
  • Green: Religious Events
  • Orange: Social and cultural
  • Purple: international events (including foreign policy)
  • 1491- Beginning of imposture of Perkin Warbeck - Birth of Prince Henry (VIII)- War against France
  • 1492- Treaty  of Etaples (Northern France & England)
  • 1494- Poynings appointed Lord Deputy of Ireland
  • 1495- Execution of Sir William Stanley- Introduction of Council Learned in the Law under the leadership of Sir Reginald Bray- Creation of Privy Chamber
  • 1496- Intercursus Magnus treaty signed(Between England and the Netherlands by Henry VII of England and Philip IV of Burgundy)
  • 1497- Cornish Rebellion- Surrender of Warbeck
  • 1499- Execution of the Earl of Warwick and of Warbeck 
  • 1501- Marriage of Prince Arthur and Catherine of Aragon
  • 1502- Death of Prince Arthur
  • 1503- Death of Sir Reginald Bray- Marriage of Princess Margaret to James IV of Scotland
  • 1506- Treaty of Windsor- Intercursus Malus treaty agreed
  • 1509- Death of Henry VII and accession of Henry VIII- Empson and Dudley arrested - Henry VIII's coronation- Marriage of Henry VIII and Catherine of Aragon-
  • 1510- Abolition of Council Learned in the Law - Empson and Dudley executed- Thomas Wolsey appointed to Council
  • 1512- War against France- Re-foundation of St Paul's School
  • 1513- Battle of Flodden- Capture of Tournai and Thérouanne
  • 1514- Wolsey emerges as chief minister- Wolsey appointed archbishop of York- Princess Mary marries Louis XI of France
  • 1515- Wolsey appointed Lord Chancellor- Princess Mary marries the Duke of Suffolk- Wolsey appointed cardinal- Wolsey begins building Hampton Court
  • 1516- Birth of Princess Mary- Publication of Thomas More's Utopia 
  • 1518- Treaty of London
  • 1520- Field of the Cloth of Gold
  • 1521- Execution of Duke of Buckingham- Treaty of Bruges
  • 1523- War against France
  • 1525- Opposition to imposition of Amicable Grant
  • 1528- Legatine court enquiring into the validity of the king's marriage 
  • 1529- Fall of Wolsey- Sir Thomas More appointed Lord Chancellor- Treaty of Cambrai
  • 1532- Resignation of More- Thomas Cromwell emerges as chief minister- Thomas Cranmer appointed Archbishop of Canterbury
  • 1533- Henry marries Anne Boleyn - Birth of Princess Elizabeth - Princess Mary declared illegitimate - Act in Restraint of Appeals
  • 1534- Act of Supremacy
  • 1535- Execution of Thomas More
  • 1536- Execution of Anne Boleyn- Marriage of Henry VIII and Jane Seymour - Princess Elizabeth declared illegitimate- Beginning of dissolution of the monasteries- First set of royal injunctions issued- Ten Articles issues-
  • 1537- Birth of Prince Edward
  • 1538- Second set of Royal injunctions issued
  • 1539- Six Articles Act- First edition of the Great Bible published
  • 1540- Marriage of Henry and Anne of Cleves; quickly dissolved- Execution of Cromwell- Marriage of Henry and Catherine Howard
  • 1542- Execution of Catherine Howard - Battle of Solway Moss
  • 1543- Treaty of Greenwich
  • 1544- Mary and Elizabeth reinstated to succession- Invasion of France- Capture of Boulogne- Currency debasement begins
  • 1545- Battle of Ancrum Moor
  • 1547- Death of Henry VIII- Third set of royal injunctions issued- Invasion of Scotland
  • 1549- Execution of Thomas Seymour- Fall of Somerset-Earl of Warwick takes over leadership of government - Act of Uniformity and issue of first Book of Common Prayer- Western Rebellion- Kett's Rebellion
  • 1550 - Warwick becomes Lord President of the Council and Duke of Northumberland
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